Free, rough brushstrokes and a sensitive, sincere story. A unique harmony of opposites, quite accurately defining the art of Eva Mili.

I want my paintings to be bright, transparent and evoking positive emotions. Pure black is excluded from my work process – instead I opt for a palette of lighter tones and brighter colours. I paint oil on canvas.

The wet-on-wet technique adds a lot of spontaneity and drive to my work. When using this technique, the main layer of the painting must be finished before the first strokes of paint begins to dry. When the painting is wet, I can easily add in new colours, change shapes, as well as blend objects and their edges. My work process is very dynamic, sometimes going not quite as I had planned. I really like the fact that the end result is always unique – heavily charged with my thoughts and emotions at the time. A limited timeframe for creating one painting forces me to work accurately, make as few mistakes as possible, and fully invest myself into my work.

The theme of my paintings is quite wide, including still life, animalism and figurative art. However, portraits is the most fun genre for me. I enjoy seeing how the rough strokes of a pallet knife (mastichin) magically transform into living people, with their own personalities and moods.

My path as a creator was very winding. I studied at an art school, but later chose to pursue exact sciences. After graduating from Kaunas University of Technology and receiving my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science, I worked as a programmer. Only after I became a mother did I feel the need to create again, thus I worked as a professional photographer for 10 years. The urge to paint came to me later in my life. I learned how to paint on my own by studying the works of foreign painting masters. Reading the English books of the best teachers of realism and impressionism sparked my interest in the principles of work of the great masters. This way I have mastered the wet-on-wet technique, which is still rarely used in Lithuania.

From the very beginning of my creative journey, the most interesting thing for me was the faces of people. I have painted several dozen portraits of the people that I know, and organized my first exhibition “Portraits”.
Later on, I created a series of paintings called “Childish Stories” depicting short events in the life of one girl.
My personal experiences in interacting with cats and dogs made me think about and explore the topic of the nature of personality. This is how my cycle of paintings “A Dog’s Life. Cat Days.” was born.
Later I had the pleasure to meet little ballerinas from the Lithuanian International Ballet Academy who have inspired me to work on a new series of paintings “Ballet Class” for 4 years.
One day I went to a local animal farm where I have met a cheerful four-year-old boy named Ąžuolas who was living there and helping taking care of all the animals. This experience inspired me to create a cycle of paintings called “The Farm of Ąžuolas”.
My studio.
Work in progress.

  • 2001 – Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Kaunas University of Technology
  • 2003 – Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Kaunas University of Technology
  • 2001 – 2007 Programmer, Project Manager
  • 2007 – 2017 Professional photographer
  • From 2017 Professional painter
  • From 2019 Solo exhibitions